An Important Announcement!

Sorry for the radio silence for the past few months, I’ve been rather busy :)  I announced in my last post way back in February that I was expecting a baby in June.  I had a few complications and baby ended up arriving earlier than expected!  Introducing my beautiful baby girl, Rosy…

Rosy was born on 17th April, just over nine weeks early, weighing just 3lbs 14oz.  She spent five and a half weeks in the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) before coming home to her adoring parents!

I’m very happy to report that at 12 weeks old she’s now over 8lbs and thriving, with no major health issues – we feel extremely blessed indeed!

Here’s a snapshot of the first eight weeks:

As you can imagine, I’ve had my hands full since she came home, but I’ll try to keep the blog updated more often once we’ve settled into our new routine!

I hope you’re all well, thanks for reading!

Cat :)

Some BIG News and the Resulting Filofax and Trollbeads Combo!

If I’ve been a little quiet of late it’s because I’ve been feeling under the weather for the past few months.  Not to worry though, it’s all in a good cause – I’m expecting a baby!  Hubby and I are very excited to meet our little one, who is expected in June :)

trollbeads maternity pregnancy

Here’s my Trollbeads maternity combo, which combines several OOAKs with a few artisans, plus Maternity, the anniversary ‘Beginning of Life,’ a German edition ‘Tulip’ and ‘Forget Me Not‘ as well as ‘Grandma’s Favourite‘ and a cheapy but lovely ‘Mum To Be’ charm from Amazon!

If you know me at all you’ll know I can also turn any event or celebration into an opportunity for a new Filofax and, of course, I did just that!  I was in TKMaxx a few weeks back and happened upon some Filofax Temperley Ikats in the sale at a bargain price and had to grab one to see what it’s like.

filofax temperley ikat-yellow

I wasn’t attracted to these when they first came out – the build quality seemed cheap for the price point and all the ones I saw seemed a little out of alignment, a bit squashed if you get my meaning?!  Lurking at the back of the shelves I found one in perfect order and it was the only one marked down to £10 so it was clearly meant to be!

So what’s the plan for it?  Well I’m not using it yet, and I need to get a personal diary insert, but the plan is that when I move out of a handbag (my beloved Mulberry *sniff*) and into a changing bag (an uber-amazing SugarJack bag!) I won’t be able to lug around quite so much of my own stuff (read 20 lip balms and glosses, several hand creams, huge purse, fat Filofax, etc).  The iKat is a great size and shape to fit my purse items, diary (obvs) and my smartphone.  Apart from my keys and maybe a pot of lip Vaseline, that’s pretty much my essentials all in one place, easy to grab in and out of a bag full of baby bits!

I’ll write a more full review once I’ve been using it for a while.  In the meantime, let me know in the comments if you’ve used an iKat and what you thought, or what your baby friendly Filofax solutions are!

Cat :)

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Filofax Dashboard: Hacking a Day Planner Insert!

I went to Paperchase to pick up a 2014 Filofax insert at the weekend and spotted their Day Planner inserts, which gave me a light bulb moment!

I tend to use post-it notes to jot down shopping lists, to-dos and reminders and pop them in the front of my Filofax so that I can see them at a glance.  Lots of other Filofaxers use this method and I’ve seen all sorts of innovative ‘dashboards’  - check out some great ideas on Filofancy, Vanjilla and Imy’s World.

The day planner inserts are Paperchase’s own brand and are priced at just £1.75 for 50 x the pocket size.  The front side has spaces for day and date, appointments, to-dos and reminders, while the back is for notes (I’m using that for my shopping list).  This lends itself perfectly to my needs as a dashboard, and I’ve amended this for weekly use – it’s working great!!  All it needs are a few stickers to brighten it up and you’ve got yourself almost a year’s supply for less than £2!

Let’s take a look…

Filofax Paperchase Day Planner Dashboard

What do you think, would it work for you?  What do you use as a dashboard?  Comment below and share your experiences!

Cat :)

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Trollbeads: Fantasy Necklace Pink Pearl

Some years ago I had the opportunity to purchase a Trollbeads Fantasy Necklace with a pink pearl and I snapped up the chance!  Though I wear it infrequently, it looks very special and unique and always gets me plenty of compliments!

One combo I really love is a huge artisan bead (which I bought years ago, but I think was from Luccicare on Etsy), with a Fantasy Elf perched on top:

Mine is the shortest length, so I can’t double it up, but that doesn’t bother me, I love it!  It’s very quick to match with any bracelet combo too, just switch over the glass bead(s) and you’re good to go – not even any clasps to fiddle with!

Do you have a Fantasy Necklace?  How do you wear yours?

Cat :)

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Trollbeads: Monochrome Halloween Combo!

Time for a Trollbeads Halloween combo!

This year I’ve gone for a few silver trolls and some ghostly black and white beads, including OOAKs, instead of my usual oranges!  And since Christmas is only around the corner, I’ve also thrown in some festive beads so I can wear it for longer…

What do you think?  Have you made a Halloween combo this year?

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Trollbeads: Amber Bracelet Update!

One of my local Trollbeads retailers has recently decided to stop stocking my beloved Trollbeads *sniff*!  The silver lining to this though is that they sold off their remaining stock at bargain prices!  So bargainous, in fact, that hubby said  I could choose some beads AND a leather necklace as wedding anniversary gifts – whoop!

I was very excited to see two amber beads (far left in these pics) reduced to an amazing £9 each, so I snapped those up right away!  Previously I had two alternative brand amber beads on here to fill it up, but I’ve moved those onto my new necklace so that I have a matching set – love it!

Amber is so much lighter than glass, making this combo really well suited for everyday wear. Check it out…

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My Filofax Collection :)

If you’ve been here before you may have noticed that I like a Filofax (or ten!), so for all you other hardcore Filofanatics, I thought you might like to see my *ahem* collection…

The mini Finsbury has recently winged its way over to a new owner in the US, leaving me with a selection of 12 red, black and grey to choose from!  I hadn’t realised I’ve been so colour selective until I saw them all out like this – funny considering I love bright colours and purple is my favourite colour!

How about you, do you have a ‘collection’ of Filofaxes?  Or a colour theme?

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Filofax Update: Malden Personal as a Housebound Organiser!

Since I’ve become besotted with my pocket sized Mulberry you may be wondering what happened to my beloved Malden personal?!  I was quite sad to put it out of action so soon after declaring it the ‘perfect Filofax‘ so I decided that I wouldn’t retire it after all.  It is perfect apart from being just too heavy to carry in my bag everyday…I’m now using it in the house for things I don’t need when I’m out and about and it’s great!

This slims down my everyday organiser (the Mulberry pocketbook) and also keeps the Malden looking lovely and new hehe!  So what’s inside?:

  • Lists I don’t need to carry with me – packing list for holidays, blog post ideas, etc.
  • Weight and exercise tracker
  • Notes such as holiday allowance information
  • Information on my gym classes and swimming timetables
  • Addresses

This is working really well for me!  Does anyone else keep a home binder?  I’d love to hear what you use it for!

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Shoes Review: Crocs Butter in Action

Crocs butter cleaning reviewI have a lot of pairs of Crocs ballet flats, the first of which I bought four years ago.  I haven’t been wearing them at all of late because although there’s plenty of tread left, the colour has faded :(

Before giving up on them I thought I’d try ‘Crocs Butter’ and WOW, it really works!! I photographed the process so you can see the impact it had…


worn out crocs

They’d gone all ‘chalky’ – a bit like when you see an old car that has faded!

Step 1

The instructions say to clean with warm, soapy water, which I’m sure would give better results, but I hosed mine down in the garden instead!  Here’s how they looked after a good jet wash:

clean crocs

Quite a bit better, but still looking a bit thirsty for an injection of colour!

Step 2

Once they’d dried on the outside, I just wiped them all over with the Crocs Butter sponge, which is quick and clean to do.  Here’s the result after, they look new again!:

Crocs Butter review

And here’s a close up before and after (left is washed, right is washed and buttered!):

Crocs before and after Crocs butter

I’d definitely recommend getting this stuff if yours need a little lift! I picked up mine at my local Crocs retailer :)

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Search Crocs ballet flats on Amazon here.

Shoes Review: Converse All Stars Chuck Taylor Trainers

I was recently looking for a comfortable, reliable pair of trainers to take on a holiday where I would be cliff walking and exploring cities.  If you’ve read my shoe reviews here before you’ll see I’m not really a trainer-wearing kind of gal, so I set out asking friends and family for recommendations.

The answer? A resounding ‘I love my Converse All Stars’ from all around!

I found a pair at a great price on Amazon (check out their wide range of All Stars here) in the ‘Chuck Taylor’ model in Charcoal and they arrived a couple of days later.  I usually go for quite ‘out there’ colours, but with these I went plain so that I can wear them with anything and I can’t say I’m disappointed, they look fab!

converse all stars chuck taylor

I wear them with little sports socks so that I can pair them with cropped jeans, shorts and skirts, or on the odd occasion (like above) with tights!

I wore them solidly for two weeks and they were comfy from the outset. I was so relieved to have comfortable trainers with me as we did loads of walking, first in Spain and then in Italy.  They even survived eight hours of walking around Pompeii with no signs of blisters or anything getting worn down or coming off!  I was so pleased, in fact, that they even made it into my travel moleskine sketchbook:

converse drawing sketch travel moleskine

So my next question is, which colour do I buy next??!

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