The Tenth Filofax – Amazona Slimline in Red!

Amazona Filofax Slimline RedAs I recently mentioned in my Philofaxy interview a few weeks ago, I had not one, not two, but nine Filofaxes – oops!  It didn’t seem right to have such an odd number, so it wasn’t long before Filofax number ten came along!  It was my birthday recently and I took the day off to go into London with hubby, who of course I dragged along to the Neal Street Filofax store.  I couldn’t persuade him to come in, although that turned out to be a bonus, as he couldn’t vet my purchases haha!

The thing I love most about going to the proper Filofax shop is the clearance section at the back – there’s usually rows of tantilising bargains, and it’s inevitable that I’ll leave with something new!  I managed to side-step the Malden stand, which I must admit, held a lot of appeal – it’s a very tactile cover, I can see why many have fallen for it! 

Lurking at the back of the store was a beautiful red Slimline Amazona, which I snapped up immediately at half price!  What a lovely replacement for my sadly broken red Balmoral Mini!  Now I know I only recently bought a Slimline Finsbury, which is a bit of a shame, but it served its purpose for finding out if the slimline would work for me.  I’m sure it will go back into use at some point!

Amazona Filofax Slimline Red Personal

I also upgraded my new purchase to next year’s diary and bought some cotton cream notepaper, which has a lovely quality to it.  When I mentioned I was treating myself as it was my birthday, the lovely lady who served me also gave me a pack of trial inserts, including the little black book, which I like as a cover page (no secrets within it, I promise!).

I’ve changed the last tab in my setup now, from ‘sketches’ to ‘expenses,’ as I’m finding that keeping receipts in my purse means they don’t always make it into my work Filofax (an A5 Balmoral, in case you were wondering!).  Now they’re centralised in a plastic pocket (also bought at Neal St), and I’ve inserted a Finance sheet to keep a track of my mileage – much more organised!!

Amazona Filofax Slimline Red Tabs

Now that the sketches section has disappeared, perhaps I could use the Finsbury as my planned Filofax sketchbook!

Anyone else using a Slimline?  How do you get on with it?

Cat x

     Amazona Filofax Slimline Red          Amazona Filofax Slimline Red          Amazona Filofax Slimline Red

PS  The pen is from Swarovski – an xmas pressie last year!

24 thoughts on “The Tenth Filofax – Amazona Slimline in Red!

  1. What a lovely filofax! I love the red color!!!! I am currently enjoying a love affair with a black amazona (personal size) and all things amazona are catching my eyes 🙂

    I’ve never used a slimline though I can certainly see the advantages of one over a full size personal. But I have to admit, I don’t think I can downsize the number of sheets just yet.

    Thanks for sharing your filofax!

  2. Love your slim-line – hoping to look at some slim-line models at the Philofaxy meetup. Gorgeous colour. Like your strategy about leaving your hubby outside the store, I did the same with mine last time I went to London (& I think he realised that was a mistake when I came out with a large bag of purchases!!!!).

  3. This looks wonderful! I have the classic/cross slimline in chocolate and the slimline Guildford. I love both binders but find them too small to use. However, lately I have been finding the personal size too thick to carry with me. So I bought a compact Chameleon and *love* it (even if it’s not the Malden). It’s just the right size (though I could do with it being just a tiny bit bigger) to fit all the lists I need and 5 months worth of monthly and weekly inserts. I’m thinking about doing the current month in daily inserts too – we’ll see, since that wouldn’t happen until 2012. Love your pictures of this slimline – enjoy!

  4. Hello!
    I use a slimline and it works fine with a horizontal week per page with the other page as ToDo, Contact and Remember. In the front I have month per view to get an overview for forward planning. I was very happy when I found that format. It is not a filofax original, but It is the right size and holes fit. You can see the Uke Origo on page 12 in this catalogue

    I do not use the Slimline at all for my work ToDo’s, I only write if I have to travel with work so that my family have to plan around that. My work involves papers in A4 and A3 format and a lot of computer time, so all work related things tend to stay on my desk and in my Outlook calender.

  5. @Aspire2Be ooh the black personal Amazona is lovely, I’m not surprised you love it! The slimline does need a bit of work to keep the pages down, but worth it, as my handbag is so much lighter now (provided I don’t also carry the A5 Balmoral hehe!).

    @Globetrotting Cacti I hope you find something you love too!

    @kanalt17 thanks for sharing – let me know how you get on with your new size!

    @Marianne that insert is great, thanks for posting the link!

  6. I use slimlines all the time now. I have the almond Amazona which I love because it is so pliable, no stiffness to it at all. I would love the red too. At the moment I am using the Adelphi magenta and I just learnt to carry less with me. For tabs I use the blank ones from the lifestyle packs which seem thinner than the usual filofax tabs and I put my own labels on them. I took out all the A-Z tabs and only use about 4 pages for contacts behind the last tab. I generally use the slimline to carry with me every day and will transfer anything important to my stay at home information filo or log book filo. I am a huge fan of the slimlines and compacts and am surprised that more people haven’t started using them.

  7. Hi there!

    I’d really, really love to have a black Balmoral in A5, but have had no luck finding one anywhere so far, which is why I set my sights on a black Amazona in A5 … do you happen to know or remember if they had those still in the Neal Street store, possibly reduced in price?

    Thank you in advance. 🙂

  8. @Saffy interesting you should say the slimline’s nice and pliable, I agree, but I often read people saying the opposite, perhaps the slimline is the only size that is in Amazona?! My Balmoral is really stiff, but as it’s a desk diary, it works well. I’m finding the slimline really useful, as I’m forced to keep it trimmed down to the bare essentials, it’s working really well for me so far too.

    @Kat Sorry you haven’t found a Balmoral, I assume you’ve tried eBay? I think Neal St did have an A5 Amazona – I can’t remember what colour it was though, it may have been red (that was about a month ago now). You could try ringing them and asking if they can hold one aside/post one out for you? Let me know if you get one!!

  9. Ooo, that’s gorgeous! I have been successfully resisting the mini Amazonas on Filofax UK @ £35. I love the idea of the slimlines, but am planning on sticking to just 2 filos. Am glad there isn’t a slimline Malden as that would be very tempting 🙂

  10. Hi,
    can you please tell me what brand the dividers are? It looks as if you could slip a piece of paper into them to label, is that right? Is the main body of each tab also an envelope that you can slip paper in?

  11. @Anita Lim – £35 is a bargain, how can you resist (sorry!)?! A Slimline Malden would probably lead me to Filofax number 11 fairly swiftly haha!

    @Stationery Nerd – I’m not sure what the dividers are called, but they are original Filofax, I got them at the Neal St store. They aren’t an envelope, but you can slide in the tabs on little slips of coloured paper that come with it, really useful if you plan to change them at a later date!

  12. Regarding the Amazona, I now have it in all sizes and the slimline is the most pliable. The personal and A5 are stiff, I imagine like your gorgeous Balmoral filo. The pocket isn’t too bad but having the wallet pocket at the back tends to make it stiffer I guess due to so much more leather. I was very lucky and bought a black A5 (no box though) at HomeSense (TKMaxx sister store for homeware) at a bargain £55.00.

  13. Hi Saffy, that is a bargain, lucky you! Interesting that the slimline is most pliable, that’s good to know, thanks – means I won’t be tempted to replace the Balmoral! Do you have it in mini? My mini Balmoral broke sadly, I’m still upset about it!

  14. Actually I forgot about the mini and no I don’t have it. I have bought a few mini’s in different styles to try them out but truthfully they just don’t work for me. Mini’s are just too small and I love my slimlines.

    Sad about your Mini Balmoral, I can understand why you would be upset I saw pictures of it on your flickr page. The Balmoral looks like such a lovely design, one that they should bring back. It reminds me of the Mulberry organisers.

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  16. I am looking into getting the slimline Holborn. I am currently using the compact finsbury in blue, but I want something a little more wintery. I was just wondering how you found using the slimline when it has no closure. Did it still feel secure?

  17. Hi Steph, I’m so sorry for late reply, your comment ended up in my junk folder for some reason. I like using the slimlines a lot, they feel more like notebooks than Filofaxes, I think because of the lack of clasp as well as the thickness. I think it depends on how you carry it as to how secure it will be – for example, if thrown in a bag with lots of other things, it’s likely the pages might get bent. I always use handbags with lots of pockets (lately I’m using a Primark handbag organiser that provides extra pockets/sections!) so I can make sure that it’s kept nice and flat in my bag 🙂

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  19. A little after the event but just found your blog ‘cos I’m investigating a slimline Amazona! Should you spot one or want to sell yours will you consider me? Thanks. I have a saved search on eBay but nothing yet.

  20. Hi Steve, thanks for your comment – I’ll be having a bit of a clearout in the house after Christmas, so I’ll let you know about the Amazona!

    Enjoy the holidays!

  21. I am also interested in the Amazona mini!

    Have a great Christmas, with lots of Filofaxy stuff hopefully!

  22. Hi Cathryn. I’m still looking for a red Amazona slimline! Have you tired of yours yet? Kind regards, Steve.

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