What’s in My Bag?: All Stars Guest Post from Imysworld

Recently, I joined some of the gang from Philofaxy in a guest-blog swapping project called ‘All Stars.’  I’m very pleased to introduce the first in these posts, by Imy from Imysworld:

I have been lucky enough to have the chance to do a blog post on Cat’s Corner as part of the Philofaxy All Stars. I have been saying to her for weeks I will do it tomorrow (my famous last words at the moment), since I have been without my laptop doing blogging at home can be hard, as my boyfriend hogs my Macbook Air and when I try to explain I need to use it he just says in a minute then when he finally gives it to me, 5 minutes later he says turn off its bed time!

This is the reason I am very behind, I always get in a bloggy mood and end up having to write ideas and notes in my Filofax, which I’m not against, just I like to do it when its in my mind else I never get around to it!

Wow what a load of waffle to start this All Stars Guest post!! Anyway sorry Cat’s Corner readers!

As she did a What’s in my bag post for me I am returning the favour, we originally arranged for me to do a What’s in my Mulberry but at the time I had just done one, then recently I had to change to my Louis Vuitton so I decided what better idea then to do it of another bag!

Be warned this shall be picture heavy and magically fun!

The obvious thing to start off with is the picture of the bag, sorry some pictures are a bit flat, I used my iPhone as I believe its good enough quality, just sometimes in the evening the lights a bit off!

It is my LOVELY Louis Vuitton Delightgful (not that I like her very much, we fell out a long time ago, now were just acquaintances), as you can see my beloved is trying to sneek in to the picture, naughty Dora!

As you can see I have an AWFUL lot in my hand bag (don’t worry I’m going to go in to detail on every item, but first I shall start in my Large zipped pocket).

It doesn’t really look like there is ANYTHING in her but believe me it is a vault that just keeps on going like Mary Poppins bag!……Are you ready to see what is in there??

Bear in mind I just came back from a trip to Brussels so a lot of stuff from that is in there!!

The thing at the top is my Filofax A5 Plastic Ruler, I will not just list the things and if its interesting I will explain it all to you!

Lamy Safari in Turquoise
Chanel Lip Gloss 104 Astral
Moo Business Cards
Hair Rose from H&M, it is really that colour
Fanta Lip Smackers
Intersex UK Business Cards
Nivea Pearly Shine stuff
Blue Inhaler
Finally – my Zebra pen refills!

Now on to the main compartment!!!

My beautiful A5 Adelphi, she is lovely to use and she is called Coco! For obvious reasons the quilted pattern 😉

Hello Kitty Slimline Pencil Case

And the insides which contains: –

Zebra Sharbo Diary Pen
Papermate Pink Scented Pen
Mini Pink Sharpie
Berol Handwriting Pen
Uni-Ball Signo Gelstick
Bic Orange Pens (black)
Post it Highlighter pen

Now this may seem BAZZAR!!!

But I have the leopard print purse which had English money in and also is the purse I use in my Dora, the middle one is travel card wallet which has my oyster card and bus tickets and train tickets, then finally my glittery pink Paul’s Boutique wallet which is HUGE!!!!

My Raybans <3

Deodorant and Body Spray

The body spray is from Superdrug and is called Be Delicious and smells like candy!

Compact Umbrella as its always raining! 🙁

My beautiful Mulberry Key ring which my boyfriend sort of bought for me, I used the money he gave me at Christmas to get it! Its so pretty!!!

Buxton water (not my favourite but always on offer)

The MOST AMAZING Happy Meal toy ever from Mc Donalds it makes noises and everything!

Apple Earphones! So I can listen to music on the bus, train or plane!

The sticky notes which I reviewed the other day as they are AWESOME, and I forgot to take them out of my bag to put them to use!

There was also all this paper underneath there is all sorts from an amazing blog post written by Jutje, Tate Modern Café 2 menu, train times, receipts, all sorts!

There was also a lot of tissue but I didn’t think you needed to see all that!!!

I hope you have enjoyed my guest post on Cat’s Coner! YAY!!!!!!!!

Thank you for having me and I hope to be back again soon! Maybe a shoe review 😉 I’m so cheeky!

No, no, thank you Imy for sharing this with us – I loved seeing your bag and all your lovely pens!  You’re more than welcome to come again and talk about shoes!

Cat x

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